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Keith Sauls

R. Keith Sauls, CFA currently Managing Partner of family owned Exeter Venture Group, LLC and AppleGold Investment Company, LLC which are focused primarily on private equity, payment processing technologies, and real estate investment.

Keith has spent his 20+ year corporate career focused on the Family Office industry with tenures at Bessemer Trust, GenSpring Family Offices/SunTrust, and J.P. Morgan. He currently serves as Chairman of the Investment Committee of the College of Charleston Foundation and the Porter-Gaud School Foundation as well as being a member of the Board of Governors of the College of Charleston Business School, and a member of the College of Charleston Campaign Steering Committee. Keith has also been active on the advisory boards of Charleston Waterkeeper, Young Life Africa Expeditions, and was formerly an Elder at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta. He holds finance degrees from College of Charleston and Emory University.

Expedition Statement: I am drawn to the expedition for two reasons. First, it is a way for me to uniquely, intelligently, and from a highly informed base; engage and interact with my teenage children on their interests in climate change and environmental/resource issues. Secondarily, it is a continuation and deep enhancement of my personal interest/knowledge in the investment/market forces of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), and Corporate, Social, Responsibility (CSR). I believe that the confluent forces of the expedition in the areas of worldwide geographic representation, deeply embedded pre-conceived notions on all sides of the climate change debate, and the specific target date of 2041 when a change in ownership/control of arguably the most valuable resource on earth will occur; provides the legitimacy, timeliness, and tangible relevance to the March 2016 expedition. The fight among today’s “super-power” nations and those emerging powers that may be at the negotiation table in 2041to claim rights and ownership of this resource will be intense and will likely be fought largely by people who have never seen the resource in person which this expedition affords some 100 people per year the opportunity to see.

Personal Mission: My personal mission is to very simply be able to return from the expedition substantially more informed on factual issues of climate change, ownership of international clean water rights, and potential market forces such as ESG, SRI, and CSR investing that will ultimately direct what occurs to this resource in 2041. In addition, I am hopeful and confident that my participation will give me a unique credibility basis with my two children, the Family Offices, Endowments/Foundations investment groups with I am involved, and the community at large as a vehicle to raise informed awareness about the importance of how we allocate financial resources.