Katie Kerns is a student in the Honors College at the College of Charleston and a Bonner Leader. Studying geology she conducts geochemistry research in order to find and communicate solutions to water quality issues in order to increase people's autonomy over their natural resources. Through the Bonner Leader Program, part of the National Bonner Foundation she engages social justice and leadership with a team of dedicated students and serves more than 300 hours a year with a local community partner.


Through her service currently at the Palmetto Community Action Partnership (a part of the national Community Action Agencies systematically addressing poverty) and previously at the Charleston Parks Conservancy, Katie has connected social and environmental issues facing the Charleston community and worked alongside others to achieve greater equity and sustainability through asset based community development.

Katie has long been involved in volunteer work with a soul defining love and passion. Starting with a service trip to Atlanta at 13 she learned to see challenges faced by people in her own community. Her time alongside young people in Belize taught her to admire and respect the lives of others and their infinite power to positively affect communities. And her summer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras taught her to see the very different lives ofothers in real time correlation with her own. Each step in her journey increased her dedication to the respect and autonomy that others deserve and our shared responsibility for a positive and safe life for every soul on the planet, including our environment. Antarctica is the next step in this journey. This intentional adventure is the perfect platform to share and include everyone from different walks of life, language, talent, socioeconomic status, and race in solutions to our changing climate. By diversifying our approach to climate education and global innovation we can collaborate on solutions that will provide a positive future for our globe.
 Please join myself, the Charleston team, Robert Swan O.B.E, and the 2041 foundation in the protection of Antarctica and our globe's bright future.

"If we apply our moral feeling to the evil that prevails all around us we cannot remain inactive and console ourselves with the expectation of an ultra-terrestrial life. The evil that we must combat every day is not the sad abstraction we call the devil but it is everything that prevents millions of people from becoming human. We too are directly responsible for this" - Silone      Bread and Wine