adila wahdat

Our Afghan Ambassador

My name is Adila Wahdat and I’m an Afghan jewellery designer. I have seven year work experience in the area of fashion designing, graphic designing and jewellery designing.  I’m also the co-founder of Aayenda Jewellery Co-operative and also work as a designer with the Co-Operative. I have previous work experience with Turquoise Mountain Foundation and Aid to Artisans as Design Assistant.

I have completed 18-month Designing and Monitoring Training courses by Aid to Artisans and 8-month Graphic designing course by Total Graphic Classes in Afghanistan. I’m currently a sophomore at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) pursuing my undergraduate degree in digital media.

Expedition Statement: I’m very excited about Antarctic expedition this will be a great opportunity for me to explore my passion in designing. I’m planning to work on a new jewellery collection. Given the uniqueness of this place in term of nature and weather I will be introduced to new ideas, and I want to transfer those ideas into my new collection.

My dream is that within five years of graduating I will be in Afghanistan where I work as a professional designer and inspire other young Afghan women. My dream is to become one of the most professional and high quality designer in Afghanistan and get global recognition for my work.  I intends to be a role model for girls who have the talent and desire to pursue the same path that I have followed. Young Afghan women have many talents but it is difficult for them to develop their skills. With my education from EMU and work experience in Afghanistan, especially with Aayenda Jewellery I will be able to teach and mentor Afghan girls to help them achieve their dreams.